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Yooka Kakusu: The Kecleon

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1 Yooka Kakusu: The Kecleon on Tue May 15, 2018 1:59 pm


» Name: Yooka Kakusu
» Gender: Female (♀)
» Species: Kecleon (Color-change pokemon) #???
» Ability: Protean
» Type: Ghost (due to Giratina's cloak and passively using shadowsneak with Protean ability at vertually all times.)

» Natural Feats:
    -Due to being a Kecleon she can control her body's color at will, however sudden emotional changes can also change her body's color.
    -The ability Protein makes any move the user uses into that moves typing.
    -Her tail can do quite a few things itself... and her tounge can ensnare things instantly, so those things better know she's there.

» Affiliation: Philomath, therapist in-training, and has a pact with Giratina

» Moves:
    -Endure + Recover {link}
    -Power-up Punch
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Trick Room
    -Role play

» Relatives:
    -Her Family is entirely dead.
    -Savato (Lover, Private Therapist, and sexual partner in dreams.)
    -Sans (Guardian: Protection, not substitute parent...hired by her mother through her will)
    -Lonk (Guardian: Protection, not substitute parent...Sans's partner)
    -Ana (Surprisingly IS related to Yooka through her mother's side, but to her mother it's more of aunt. No one knows this except Ana herself. She has a grudge against Sans.)
    -Enzo (Yooka's male Sandshrew child. Also Yigo's child)
    -Mara (Yooka's female Sandshrew child. Also Yigo's child)

» Personality: Lonely, Asperger, Reversed(Savato-ish), Pessimistic, Calm

» Likes:
    •Having a friend nearby: That is if she even has one... She'll be rather peaceful if there is one nearby.
    •Seeing everyone in a good mood: Even if it means torturing herself to make them happy, she'll do anything... unless of course someone doesn't like what she does, then she'll snap, unless they're a friend.
    •Making friends: It's always great to make friends no matter who it is, but to her it's like a dream come true for Giratina's gift makes her act a bit oddly or slightly reversed at times. Especially to things that she doesn't like. She'll look happy when she is suppose to be sad, making it impossible to cry.

» Dislikes:
    •Cuteness and Niceness: She actually wants these more in the world... however, she's seen these used in such a bad way for too long that being reminded by seeing these used against her friends or herself makes her emotionally mute. Especially if a friend is being nice while doing her next dislike.
    •Being Denied: She is lenient on some of these things but being denied often and for quite a few things usually makes her annoyed. If she's denied for quite a long time by friends, she feels betrayed, especially if she's trying to make them happier in some way. More so than anyone could think, as this reminds her of her father's behavior, to a personal level. She hated her Father because of how rude he was about it though, to the point she would like the person that killed him. (Sans)
    •Illusions, Manipulations, and the like: One can thank Savato's apprentice for this aswell as him himself due to adding to it rather than stopping it. She's been handled like prey for the Gengar aswell as a test subject for the Zoroark. After awhile the Gengar grew an affinity towards Yooka making the Zoroark Jealous as that's what she's been trying to do to him the entire time.

» History:
warning, it's long:
So long that i'm to lazy to put it. :v

Right now, anyways...

» Other:
    Appearance: She's Normal Kecleon Green, but if she get's even mildly annoyed she'll become a very midnight purple with olive gold linings but still with the normal red belly pattern. When the curse flares upping the effects, her lines extend over body like curcuits and turn just as red as the belly pattern. One could say it's the same thing as "Omega Pikachu" except the lines are Giratina's mouth clasps or whatever they are... mandible(?) patterned.

    Estimated Level(for the nerds): Yooka:50 (Savato:70//Sans:100//Lonk:60//Ana:75//Enzo:5//Mara:5)


She uses shadowsneak (in a similar way to gara's sand from naruto) She also has a curse from Giratina(from a mountain trip, mind you. xux)((it's also alternate form giratina's wing turned into a cloak.)) that negates type disadvantages and crits at the cost of feeling a sense of bloodlust, default typing changed to ghost, and losing her color changing body ...practically... she can still do it, but the stress due to keeping the curse suppressed nearly prevents her from changing her color anymore.

Darcy, due to being the closest thing to a family and being the FIRST nice person she's ever met (outside of mutualness and work) Yooka can stave off the bloodlust sensation easily as long as Darcy is nearby. However, it's starting to feel like Darcy is more of a 'friend' than family.

Yigo doesn't have this effect exactly but due to Darcy being friends with him rather closely, aslong as Yigo doesn't upset her she can stave off the sensation.

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