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Kato, the.. um... Sandshrew?

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1 Kato, the.. um... Sandshrew? on Sat May 26, 2018 3:30 pm



A very fluctuate, over-the-top, and Miniscule to-do list that is usually full of things that may never happen because of how outragous they are, however if things keep going in their current direction I can guarentee they could happen in-character, if I was allowed, and didn't stop myself most of the time:
•Have Yigo Devour Yooka using Savato
•Have Savato comfort Darcy nicely.
•Make Yigo do THAT with Yooka WITH Savato present. :v
•Darcy, Melia, and Mara fun time!
•Darcy pleasures Yooka's senses at the most and gets pleasured back, but nothing more.
•Have a field trip to the light continent be interrupted by a contrary happy hour. x3
•Have Mara gross out everyone, except Yooka, Sans, Kato, and Savato... by eating a Butterfree or vivilian.
•Have Ana pinch Yigo's cheek. :v
•Have Ana pinch Darcy's cheek. :v

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