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Weiss, the Wartortle

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1 Weiss, the Wartortle on Thu May 31, 2018 12:30 pm


» Name: Weiss (Often known as Vice)
» Gender: Female
» Species: Wartortle
» Ability: Torrent
» Level: 20

» Natural Feats:
- She has a shell as her backbone where she can hide. The shape also allows her to swim at very high speeds even when she´s sheltered inside.
- She uses her ears to maintain balance as she swims at high speeds like if they were fins

» Affiliation: Head of the 'Freelancers', a mercenary guild

» Relatives:

» Personality:

» Likes:
- Roleplaying: She tends to act many personas as likes to get deep into her characters.
- Domination: She likes to stay on top of the chain, having all the power of herself and sharing it with her key supporters. Should anyone side with her, they´d have great powers under her rule.
- Powerful Entities: Legends, Deities, Leaders or Berserkers. It doesn´t matter. The presence of those allure her and makes her come and go travelling the world to recruit them. The next members of her list are an infamous Sandslash called Kato next to a Kecleon by the name of Yooka...

» Dislikes:
- Party Poppers: C´mon! Just play along! Don´t call her out when she´s acting a character! There´s nothing more annoying than having the audience interrupt the play of an actress
- Solitude: She´s been having a lot of time for herself and she´s now followed by her butler like if he was her shadow. It´s not like she doesn´t stand to be alone but she blossoms and loosens herself in a community.
- Her true self: She has so much personal trauma inside that the only way she has to avoid dealing with it is to live another life.

» History:

» Other: She often wears a Silk Scarf either around her neck, around her shell as a sash or around the end of her tail.

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