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Scarf, the Cinccino

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1 Scarf, the Cinccino on Thu May 31, 2018 6:34 pm


» Name: "Scarf"
» Gender: Female
» Species: Cinccino
» Ability: Skill Link

» Natural Feats:
- Known to pull witty jokes and puns whenever in a good mood
- Has a mind for creativity and a playful attitude

» Affiliation: N/A

» Relatives:
- Ribbons the Sylveon
- Michiko the Gardevoir

» Personality: Jolly

» Likes:
- To use her creativity in fun and interesting ways
- Long walks in the forests
- Working with Ribbons with...well, anything

» Dislikes:
- Buttheads
- Fighting in general
- Arguments

» History: Born in Unova, she was raised under a very wealthy family alongside her half-sister, Ribbons. The two were always known to work great together and combined with Scarf's creativity and Ribbons' love for fashion, the two work almost perfectly with one another. She is not known to be a fighter, but she is easily startled and will do anything to stop an argument from taking place. She's a pacifist who will never resort to violence. Her relationship with Michiko was that her father knew Michiko's family well and knew each other for years and as a result, will often visit her when the times get light.

» Other: She loves huggles :3

2 Re: Scarf, the Cinccino on Thu May 31, 2018 9:05 pm


I'm just going to put this down JUST so I don't die of "HDGHEUYHEUDGJDISEXRH" Syndrom.
AKA: *Gags on floor, twitching uncontrollably*


>>Natural Feats:
    Cincinno fur is coated in a special type of oil that helps it deflect, or protect it from, regular attacks, but not moves. (natural resistance to basic attacks such as an un-typed punch, a hug, being single slapped... just anything that ISN'T a move, the fur is just THAT smooth!! SPEAK OF.......)

    Cincinno fur is really REALLY smooth, so smooth that dust and water slide straight off and electricity doesn't conduct well in it. (Natural resistance to dust, outside of allergies... so, unfortunately sleeping powder and other dust based attacks will still effect it... it's only the fur that wont be effected.
    Natural resistance to water, or well the cinccino cant get wet, it can still be effected BY water just it'll never get wet, that fluffyness. xD
    Natural resistance to electricity, THIS ONE however does evect electric based moves, I'd say reduce the power of electric moves by 20 and it's good.)

[Choose only 1]
IF ability is Cute Charm:
    Being directly touched by others has a small probability to cause them to become infatuated, or just a huge fan of the character... (Bewear of excessive hugging, Darcy knows the power!)

[Choose only 1]
IF ability is Skill Link:
    Multi-hit moves will always have 5-hits, or in this case they'll be more rapid fire instead. (Bewear of accuracy, I mean SPRAY N PRAY!!)

    Moves that cincinno can learn that work with skill link:
      -Tail Slap (All Cincinno are pretty much born with this move)
      -Rock blast (You said this character knew this move)
      -Double Slap (unsure if character would know it)
      -Bulletseed (really unsure if character would know it)


*insert arcing rainbow with shooting star*

A very fluctuate, over-the-top, and Miniscule to-do list that is usually full of things that may never happen because of how outragous they are, however if things keep going in their current direction I can guarentee they could happen in-character, if I was allowed, and didn't stop myself most of the time:
•Have Yigo Devour Yooka using Savato
•Have Savato comfort Darcy nicely.
•Make Yigo do THAT with Yooka WITH Savato present. :v
•Darcy, Melia, and Mara fun time!
•Darcy pleasures Yooka's senses at the most and gets pleasured back, but nothing more.
•Have a field trip to the light continent be interrupted by a contrary happy hour. x3
•Have Mara gross out everyone, except Yooka, Sans, Kato, and Savato... by eating a Butterfree or vivilian.
•Have Ana pinch Yigo's cheek. :v
•Have Ana pinch Darcy's cheek. :v

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