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Ribbons, the Sylveon

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1 Ribbons, the Sylveon on Thu May 31, 2018 6:38 pm


» Name: "Ribbons"
» Gender: Female
» Species: Eevee
» Ability: Pixilate

» Natural Feats:
- She has a very unique niche to fashion and can lighten any room with her palettes
- Known to be silly and quite the trickster if you don't pay attention

» Affiliation: N/A

» Relatives:
- Scarf, the Cinccino
- Michiko, the Gardevoir

» Personality: Jolly

» Likes:
- To create anything alongside Scarf
- Decorating interior and exterior models
- Adventure

» Dislikes:
- Fighting and getting hurt in general
- Arguing with clients
- Money management

» History: Born in Unova, she was raised under a very wealthy family alongside her half-sister, Scarf. The two were always known to work great together and combined with Scarf's creativity and Ribbons' love for fashion, the two work almost perfectly with one another. Unlike Scarf, she can be pushed to fight, though the amount of effort needed is quite immense, since she hates having to fight anyone and anything over everything. Her relationship with Michiko was that her father knew Michiko's family well and knew each other for years and as a result, will often visit her when the times get light.

» Other: She loves poffins :3

2 Re: Ribbons, the Sylveon on Thu May 31, 2018 9:34 pm


Hello, this is Ravio, the Wigglytuff. I am here to inform you that what you put made the user, Ravio, incapable of thought. I am here to make him feel better by putting down some little facts about Sylveon. Don't mind it if you don't plan on doing anything with them. They're just facts...


>>Natural Feats:[list]The Sylveon ribbon-like feelers produce an aura that weakens hostility in whatever they're attached to.

Those same ribbon-like feelers also alllow them to read the feelings, or emotion, of whatever they're attached to.


Pixilate:[list]Normal-Type moves become Fairy-Type! (Simple and fun!)

A redundantly small reminder for myself that is too small to read unless zoomed in for a reason that is way too dumb to remember for another reason that is too dumb to remember.:
Get better at writing you dingus!

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