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Lün, the Lunala

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1 Lün, the Lunala on Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:15 pm


Name: Lün, or Lune, or Luna
Species: Lunala (the ??? pokemon [#???]
Gender: Female (Flying and Amorphous)

Natural Feats:
    Lunala is 100% Female only.

    Lunala devour Light: despite their bodies glowing... the area around them grow dimmer. They don't need to eat or drink.

    Lunala can open ultra wormholes to other worlds... both Universal and dimensional. They can even be black holes or white holes.

Estimated Level: 170

    -'Gheist Beam'(?)
    -Night shade

Personality: Lively, Open, Soft Hearted, Depressed, Willing

    Those who care about others:
      Being a mother of countless things in multiple worlds, she has no time to care for all of her own... and likes seeing others caring for each other. So much so that if she's present and sees this she may bestow a small quick gift! All because she pities herself for not having any time to her own.

    Having fun in the spur of the moment:
      Carefree isn't something she does with all she has to do. Which, isn't as much as one would thing... she keeps herself busy but is more lazy than she herself thinks. Seeing fun might just make her join in, if she thinks she has time, she'll even stick around if they entertain her for awhile.

      There are quite a few exceptions to respect that she likes. Those that want respect or are aggressive about it, she doesn't like. However, if she sees someone earn respect or she receives respect despite being lazy, she might just bestow a small quick gift!

    She has a grudge to time as it ruins things as it passes, especially her friends... It tends to kill them after awhile. She wishes it wouldn't do that and pleaded to Dialga, but it is higher than even Arceus and she tries to make the best of her friends. She cries every time when they pass. She can never just accept it.

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2 Re: Lün, the Lunala on Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:52 pm


    Generic. Almost everyone hates fighting... however she takes it a step further as her counterpart enjoys a fight, and she's always forced into a fight she cant win when her counterpart wants to have fun. Not the normal kind of fun. When she sees others fighting, she feels saddened as she doesn't want to get involved, and if she the reason it started... she fades away into another area to find something more... peaceful.

Herself and her counterpart:
    She wishes to be among her friends more instead of having to keep a universal balance with light. Infact, she hates having to make it night all the time, most pokemon tend to sleep at that time, making it impossible to find something fun. Her counterpart has all the glory, and all the praise. Although, she doesn't really want to be praised, it's just what she does.

history: It's so long... that by the time I finished it... It would only be 1/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 done. c:

But I'll just say "VENTUSWILL"!! --but instead of "town" it's "world" and replace "limited time" with "Truely Immortal(to time)" aaaaand we're done. whew... that was a hard one to shorten. :P

Other things to note:
    Her relationship with Sans is a deep one as he's her champion and the only one she doesn't mind when it comes to fighting, for now, as he understands how bad she hates fighting...

    her relationship with Savato is deeper than Yooka's. As he's done quite a few things for Lün that he sortof regrets, one was being a distraction so she can get away from her counterpart. Another was just afterwards when she gave him the gift of a cosmog. He ate it... and she saw him do it... and understood why. She smiled sheepishly and left him alone.

    She usually paints deserts or beaches in multitudes of soft colors for fun, and finds out that some pokemon take it as a special sign.

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