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Tina, the Giratina

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1 Tina, the Giratina on Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:04 am


Name: Tina, or The Devil, or "..."
Species: Giratina (The Renegade Pokemon) [#???]
Gender: Female (Dragon/monster(Altered) or Dragon/Amorphous(origin))
Ability: Pressure AND Telepathy (Altered) or Levitate AND Telepathy(Origin)

Affiliation: Banned to the Reverse World for Eternity for causing Chaos and Paradoxical problems, aswell as unstablizing the Universe and harm to her family due to Erratic behavior.

Estimated Level: 230

Natural Feats:[list]Telepathy allows it to communicate to others via the mind. Especially helpful as Giratina speaks in roars, grunts, etc... The usual and rare Primordial language.

In it's Altered form or the form it makes in the regular world, it's body gives off a huge amount of Power in a form of pressure. In most it cases pokemon tend to slow down, become fearful, or straight up get drained of energy.

In it's origin form or the form it was created with, or the form it takes in the Reverse world it can float and fly around unhindered by the reverse world's odd physics, and it's body is far more controlled. In the altered form, it's body can still float but it requires alot of power and more so to fly. It tends to use some kind of Ancient Power to help itself around.

    Shadow Force
    Hyper Beam
    Destiny Bond
    Ancient Power

Relatives:-Alga, the Female Dialga (Sister)
-Alki, the Male Palkia (Brother)
-Arceus, thee Arceus (Creator)
-Yooka, the Kecleon (Soulbound, second self)

personality: Reversed, Pessimistic, Lonely, Modest, and Erratic

    "A" friend:
      Only just one... Any more would be asking far to much, and may put her at risk. As none of her relatives love her. Yooka is her current and only real friend.

    Being a part of something:
      No matter how small the role. As long as it makes her friend happy. She'll attempt whatever she can from her end in the reverse world. Which is honestly not much, at all... and it's barely even noticed. Considering the only thing she can really do is take control of Yooka when she panicking, or really she controls her emotions when she's panicking. Most of the time it gets worse.

    A second chance:
      Or maybe it's the one hundredth..? Having been stuck in the Reverse world for... well... ever, doesn't make it easy to keep track of time. Especially when there isn't such a thing IN the Reverse world. Tiny bubbles and reflective surfaces are the only things she can use to track time, but the moments in the bubbles and reflections are not set and can be random events from both the past and future. She wants out of the Reverse world... It's not her fault she tends to be sporadic, it's in her nature. If she had friends all that time ago, perhaps things would be different?

» Dislikes:
      Not in the generic way. She agrees that there should be some form of order, but she just doesn't like quite a few civil rules... especially those that go against her entire being. Like for example -- 'Oh, Giratina's the devil, she's evil... if you help her escape, you'll be punished of the spot.' Bleh! They just don't understand her.

    being denied:
      She's had nothing BUT denial. No matter what it is. There has never once been a point in time that she has gotten something she asked for... Till Yooka and a dark prince showed up in reflections with the same physical or emotional state as her. However despite managing to make contact and having a split minute of power with both to give both a trade, in both instances Tina was denied by her family. If she hadn't given the two hope perhaps their lives wouldn't have been ruined as much as they were.

      Surprisingly, she hates randomness. She has more approval of patterns and simplicity over randomness. She hates herself due to her random behavior. The Reverse world is completely made up of Patterns and a simplified design, to her. The world is her design, as long as she stays in it. However, the bubbles and reflections into the normal world are utterly random and almost impossible to predict if it wasn't for some sixth sense or feeling that one is going to show up. She still hates randomness regardless.

» History: Nope.

Other notes: Gifted Yooka aswell as fulfilled a wish for Yooka, just for understanding Tina's own problem and attempted to help her back into the world. The process went utterly badly as both Arceus and Arceus's messenger completely fucked Yooka up. Miss Tina was scared for Yooka as she watched her memory being erased and rewritten by Zygard's agent when arceus found out she lived his judgement, and then Tina watched Yooka being forced into a life as an outlaw a weeks later, after being betrayed by the same agent of Zygard when the agent finally noticed Yooka's mark by Arceus from judgement. Yooka regained her memory after a huge set of lucky unlucky events with a Sandshrew. Thanks to the help of a Marowak and a Gengar. Tina was pleased to talk to Yooka in a cave under the Dojo every night, set-up by the Marowak's Beheeyem.

A Darkrai had tried three seperate attempts to free Giratina. However after the 2nd attempt he forgot himself and his purpose after Palkia shattered a timespace wormhole he was in, and after the 3rd attempt his soul was shattered and scattered into the void where it grew to hate Pokemon due to their hate against him and his goal... and he grew stronger the more hate/grudges/evil there was in the world. Giratina kept his soul relatively intact despite how much effort he had expended, and now after a mew and it's friend removed his purpose, again... He's being healed and regenerated in the void once again, but this time his mind still remembers the events against that mew, so now he's regaining some sense of self aswell as an old memory of something to do with darkness itself, but does not understand why anymore.

A redundantly small reminder for myself that is too small to read unless zoomed in for a reason that is way too dumb to remember for another reason that is too dumb to remember.:
Get better at writing you dingus!

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