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On the beach at night

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51 Re: On the beach at night on Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:31 am


Hearing Savato's explanation made Yigo tilt his head upwards, somewhat confused "That must have hurt, Savato. I know that the sun is harsh sometimes but that is just cruel; although..." Yigo began wondering how the conversation might have gone. He pictured in his mind a creature the size of a Blastoise looking down on Savato with a grim facial expression and Savato not being able to take it seriously. Sôl would want an explanation for something he'd consider extremely important and Savato would just grin, laugh or even anger the god. It looked like a proper reaction for an alpha. Yigo sighed and looked down, somewhat worried "I can see how that might have happened. You can't just have fun out of other's obliviousness and be open about it. At least apologise, Sans. Also, I know that you've done it with Lün, her voice was a good enough sign to deduce that she remembered it fondly and that she had a lot of fun with you. I was just wondering if you enjoyed it since... well... it seems somewhat like a chore for you. I guess that what you said explained it all"

Yigo sighed and looked somewhat disappointed. There was no point in delving into that any longer. If Lün didn't satisfy him there was no way in which Yooka would've satisfied him more than being his therapist and hearing her terrors would. On the other hand, he was growing more and more scared of the plan that involved the Beheeyem. Just a mention of the prophet would be enough to crush her and make Yigo look no better than him. "You say that she trust too many people... but she doesn't trust me; at least, not now. I just... want to hear it from her, at least the truth once. I don't think I can bring myself to do it, Savato. It won't ease my mind and it won't ease hers. I guess that it just takes time and investment for her to open more towards me..." Yigo relaxed his arms and felt cold all of a sudden, walking down the road towards Baram town in a slow calm fashion. This time he won't be asking for a ride for he needed the walk to clear his mind.

Leave that to Savato for just a few sentences after his opinion regarding Yooka was enough to clear Yigo's mind off and fill them with some... other thoughts. The Sandslash looked back at Savato as if he had just committed a very serious crime or said a forbidden word, his cheeks red as a Cheri Berry and obviously flustered. What has Savato just suggested? "Savato! What are you even saying!?" He said in a very serious tone yet his tail's moves were enough to signal that Yigo was not in any way upset. He was more excited than anything. His gaze turned to the moon once more as if Lün had just heard that and could be judging them whose thought made Yigo sit and shrink into himself, giggling and smiling "S-She wouldn't! I'm not...!" Yigo soon pictured himself back in between Lün's wings, both bodies really close and feeling comfortable and warm. A gentle smile from each and a soft, rocking movement that would ease the two pokemon. They'd nuzzle neck and bodies and maybe one cheek would meet the other and after that point... Yigo grew o so flustered and excited at that point just thinking about a kiss between the two. The Sandslash made sure to have his back pointing at Savato so he couldn't see anything indecent from him "L-Look what you've done! Actually... don't look... don't come closer"

((Denied! Yigo would either ignore that last sentences or interrupt with his weirdness right before Alki would be mentioned))

52 Re: On the beach at night on Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:09 am


((Yigo successfully ignnored Savato's last bit, but fails to hide his flustered face. Wait, why am I saying that here?))

Yigo successfully Ignored Savato's mentioning of Alki as he turned away in his imagination. Despite Yigo's words to stay away, Savato was already next him and put an elbow on his shoulder and started leaning on him. ...Savato is rather light for his size...

"Pfff, that's her on the outside. Looking and saying she doesn't trust anything, but that isn't what's actually happening. She pays attention to those who are honest to her, and are trusting themselves. If she met herself, she'd be at a stalemate, or worse. The issue she's in is the initial trust, and keeping things honest." Savato paused, then squinted. "Wait, no... that's not it. She wishes for things she herself doesn't really do well enough... and..." Savato's third eye fluctuated for a second as if it was a camera trying to focus, "no... not that either"

He then sighed and grew annoyed with it as he said, "Yet again, I'm left to only giving you advice from my own experience till something clicks in my visions that's solid. I hate Giratina for causing this, stupid second personality shiz... The end choice is yours, so it's not my fault if things go horribly bad. She's pretty much lived inside illusions, false hopes, and liars. Giratina pretty much makes her feel the full force of loneliness and anger. How can she trust anything, and NOT be ultimately depressed? Please, don't get me started on how I'd know this. She, or someone else, maybe even myself, had to of told you our history and how she coped. She's yours, alright, the kids pretty much made her look at you as her final choice." His third eye suddenly caught a glimpse but didn't physically give a hint that it did, but his normal pair of eyes suddenly widened by a smidgen. "She's just cautious of someone that would impersonate you just to get close. She wants to trust you but she ultimately can't. Keh, that's... actually funny. Er, I mean... I guess your not wrong about her not trusting you, but she does like you, truely. She just doesn't know when she's safe. She hasn't been open to anyone ever since she left her father. The moment she was starting to open up, to you and Darcy, and her own team, was when... ...well you know that part apparently. I find how she looks at you funny. No offense, but it's the same reason you seem to hate your form. Your spikes. Keh-heh."

Savato looked at the Dojo and shoved an arm in it's direction, as if to force Yigo's attention to over there, "I suppose there's always the third choice of just going straight up to her yourself, alone and saying things outright. I can see her being panicked for a bit upon seeing you as she wakes up, or even if your approaching, and I can see that she wouldn't show it... but she'll accept you whenever it's obvious your you." Savato couldn't quite hold a chuckle but he nodded to Yigo for seemingly his own words. "I don't know how to heal her from this untrusting illness, but I can say I've heard of an ancient event where evolved pokemon reverted back to their pre-evolved forms, but I don't know when or how... and it has nothing to do with Mega evolution. I guess I'll look into that too, or get someone else to do it."

"Well, have you made your decision? If so, get over there... or just run away. I'll meet you there with a Beheeyem on standby, IF you don't give up. Take your time, but do try to show up before she wakes up. I can't keep her asleep without messing with her dream." Without another word Savato simply vanished into his own rift, leaving Yigo alone on the path leading to the Dojo.

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