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(Young) Lonk, the (not mega) Sableye

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1 (Young) Lonk, the (not mega) Sableye on Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:13 am


Name: Lonk
Species: Sableye
Gender: Male

Level: 5

Ability: Prankster

Moves: -Scratch

Personality: Complex retard! Explaining this isn't even close to as simple as looking up those two words.

If he had to explain it, it'll just sound either retarded or biased. Not that NOT recieving a proper education and/or knowing how to talk to who in which way really mattered... did it?

There are...alot of things he doesn't understand. So he tends to just think everyone is better than him at knowledge and just stays quiet unless prompted, but if it came to puzzles... ...he, nor I, could explain this.So just look at his history and figure it out... although I should mention he's a very slow learner...... So his exp, if any, is quartered. Razz

[something about family]: Well, one of his parents was a bug. One of those firefly light-butt bugs. Razz

Hystory: XXX Years ago... (rip)

Like, simply doing something seems to yeild results, and results tend to better than asking a question that could possibly end up directing him in the opposite direction.

Which, two things. Staying quiet and staring are, to him, doing something, and don't get me started on why he thinks like this... he's very simple minded, but yet a complex thinker. His contradictions are beyond understanding.

Ofcourse, for those who wished to know more of his story... His entire family was part of some form of mining facility, or a tiny part of it. He ended up being the one no one liked because the gems he found ended up in his seemingly bottomless stomach. His parents, and some of the staff, kicked him out, or around, for this after dealing with it no longer.

His findings also included the stashes around the entire facility, so the damage he's done were known, but no one's ever really seen or caught him to assume it was him, but he kept saying it's some other shadow and he's been following it. Which, to everyone, that was enough, and now he had to clear his name in his own way.

Anyways, be it in a box, vase, or chunk, even grass, bushes, and other pokemon were targets... How he was able to get to not be seen, let alone find, such gems/material is a wonder in itself. There was one day he managed to slip passed the guards or pokemon that simply didn't like him, but that day was today, and now he's been lost ever since. They're most likely celebrating that he's gone, and due to him being gone, when gems continue to go missing, they'll find out he was right despite how he does tend to get into places he shouldn't.

Yeah, that's right, this guy didn't eat anything. He's simply blamed for alot of things. Yet he does it anyway thinking things will go well, because he's just that gullible, but now things feel different and he really wanted to know why in his own way.

A redundantly small reminder for myself that is too small to read unless zoomed in for a reason that is way too dumb to remember for another reason that is too dumb to remember.:
Get better at writing you dingus!

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