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Navé, the (super tiny) Cutiefly

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1 Navé, the (super tiny) Cutiefly on Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:57 am


Name: Navé (naw-v-ehhhh)
Species: Cutifly
Gender: Female

Ability: [???] Veil

Moves: -???

[something about family]: -???

Personality and stuff: literally the dex entries. She's also... very suave, but can't really show it through her sparkle and small(er than normal) size.

Sun: It feeds on the nectar and pollen of flowers. Because it's able to sense auras, it can identify which flowers are about to bloom.

Moon: Myriads of Cutiefly flutter above the heads of people who have auras resembling those of flowers.

Ultra Sun: Nectar and pollen are its favorite fare. In fields of flowers, it gets into skirmishes with Butterfree over food.

Ultra Moon: Cutiefly can pick up the auras of living things. It skillfully reads those auras to predict its foes' movements and make fools of them.

History: An annoyance to the world. Nuf sed, for now. Razz

Other notes: She's smaller than an inch.

A redundantly small reminder for myself that is too small to read unless zoomed in for a reason that is way too dumb to remember for another reason that is too dumb to remember.:
Get better at writing you dingus!

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